Burglar caught on camera creeping in baby’s room

Burglar caught on camera creeping in baby's room (Image 1)

A burglar broke into a Houston family's home and was captured on video surveillance peering into a baby's crib as the child's parents slept nearby.

The break-in occurred just after 5 a.m. on the morning of April 5.

The intruder is shown creeping through the home and into the child's room where he shines a flashlight on the sleeping toddler.

The baby's father, Thinh Le, says at one point his son wakes up and makes eye contact with the man but then falls back asleep.

“They both had eye contact, and my boy, thought it was me so he went back to sleep,” Le said.

Cameras are mounted throughout the family's house. Le says the burglar knew it but didn't care.

He said, “He looked up at some of the cameras and made some statement that 'I'm here and I don't care.'”

The family didn't know about the break-in until a neighbor found their laptop and briefcase in the front yard and returned it.

Le found the creepy images after reviewing his surveillance.

He said, “I was infuriated when I saw him walking back and forth in my baby's room.”

Investigators believe the intruder is a teenager.  He got in through an unlocked first floor window and stole only $60.

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