Bookkeeper accused of pocketing thousands from non-profit

Bookkeeper accused of pocketing thousands from non-profit (Image 1)

The former bookkeeper for a non-profit organization is accused of pocketing thousands of dollars after a two year investigation.

Lisa Forest, of Woodlawn, is charged with theft over $60,000.

Investigators told News 2 she is the former bookkeeper for the Clarksville Charitable Educational Foundation, a non-profit that donates to charities across Montgomery County including Habitat for Humanity and Clarksville's Camp Rainbow, a summer camp for seriously ill children.

The 48-year-old is also the former bookkeeper for Griffey & Associates, a property management company in Clarksville hired by the non-profit. 

“Dating back to 2008 a total of more than $70,000 that was due to the non-profit did not necessarily get to the nonprofit. In some cases it went to this particular woman and in some cases that money went to pay additional clients of the company,” said Josh DeVine, spokesman with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

Forest turned herself into the Montgomery County jail on Tuesday and she's already out on bond. News 2 went to her Woodlawn home.

A man who identified himself as her husband and a Clarksville firefighter said his wife wasn't home.

He also said he believes she is innocent.

“You can indict a ham sandwich. A grand jury indictment is a one sided story,” he said.
According to the Better Business Bureau, Griffey & Associates went out of business in 2013 after several customer complaints alleging billing and collection issues.

“We are continuing to look into additional losses by other clients of this particular company and ultimately who may responsible for those,” said DeVine, adding the investigation into Forest is far from over and she could face more charges. 
Officials with Clarksville Charitable Educational Foundation declined to comment in fear of jeopardizing the case.  The charities that benefit from the nonprofit also declined to comment.

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