Internet vulnerabilities have some worried about filing taxes online

Internet vulnerabilities have some worried about filing taxes online (Image 1)

With more people filing their taxes online, the U.S. Postal Service will be business as usual this April 15th.

For years lines, would form at post offices around the country with people trying to beat the Midnight deadline to file their tax returns.

This year, post offices are keeping regular hours

But with Internet vulnerabilities, such as Heartbleed, which is a hole in the encryption services used on 66% of all Web sites, some wonder if it is still safe to file taxes online

Internal Revenue Service, however, says its online filing system is safe.

TurboTax is notifying its users that it is safe from the Heartbleed vulnerability as well.

“TurboTax has a statement that they were not vulnerable to Heartbleed,” said Charles Henson a computer security technician with Nashville Computer. “They went ahead and changed all of their secure certificates as of April 9th, just so they can make sure they have no problems with their WebVsite whatsoever.”

Henson told News 2 that the IRS, TurboTax and banks do not use open SSL, the encryption used by most Web sites, and information stored there is safe.

But he suggests users of Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Google, Instagram and Pinterest should change their passwords.

Henson also suggests Internet users can protect themselves online by keeping their credit card information off line.

“My recommendation is that you not save your credit card information on the Web site, or if you're paying online and it asks would you like to save this for future payments, I suggest you do not do that,” Henson said.

Tuesday marks the last day for Americans to file their taxes.

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