Florida woman attacked by bear in yard

Florida woman attacked by bear in yard (Image 1)
Florida woman attacked by bear in yard (Image 1)

A central Florida woman is recovering after a bear attacked her in her yard.

Terri Frana, 45, said she heard noise in her backyard Saturday. When she went to check it out she saw five bears digging through the trash.

One of the bears attacked her before she was able to run back into her home.

She had to get nearly 40 stitches on her head and arms.

Bear encounters are reportedly becoming more common in that part of Florida.

“There were several bears in the area, but there was one bear that we are
looking for,” explained Lenny Salberg of the Florida Wildlife Commission.

Neighbors said the experience has been alarming.

“For this incident to happen and that bear to be here at the same time just
shakes us,” said Doug Cifers.

Wildlife officials were at Frana's house Sunday with tranquilizers, guns and a bear trap.

If the bear is caught it will be euthanized.

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