Detroit teen says Planet Fitness kicked her out for wearing tank top

Detroit teen says Planet Fitness kicked her out for wearing tank top (Image 1)

A Michigan teenager claims she was kicked out of a popular gym chain because she was wearing a tank top.

Allison Roth, 17, told WJBK in Detroit that she usually wears a T-shirt when she works out at Planet Fitness, but decided on the coral tank top instead.

According to the report, a Planet Fitness employee approached Roth and told her that her outfit was making people uncomfortable.  She was given the choice to change her shirt or leave the building.

She decided to leave, canceling her membership before she walked out the door.

Roth said when she and her mom signed up they were not informed about a dress code.

According to their Facebook page, the only things they ban are jeans, boots, sandals and string tank tops.

Planet Fitness did issue a statement saying, “Planet Fitness locations are owned and operated by individual franchisees. We have been made aware of this incident and we are looking into the situation.”

Roth told the news station that she felt judged and would rather spend her money elsewhere.

It's not the first time the “judgment free zone,” what the company calls their philosophy, has been called into question.

A California woman recently quit her Planet Fitness membership 15 minutes into her first workout after staff members reportedly told her that her that her “toned body” was intimidating other members.

*WJBK-TV contributed to this report.

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