Clarksville woman receives personal letter from President Obama

Clarksville woman receives personal letter from President Obama (Image 1)

A 72-year-old Clarksville woman feels she has a special bond with President Barrack Obama.

Eva Tucker told News 2 she wrote Obama a letter before Thanksgiving, telling him that she is praying for him and that she thinks he is doing a great job.

This week she received a signed letter from the president thanking her for her support.

“Yesterday, when I went to the mailbox and I looked at the envelope and it said White House, and I had to sit down,” said Tucker from her home in Clarksville.

The German native who recently became a U.S. citizen said she is “absolutely sure it is authentic” and written specifically to her.

“Did I think he was going to answer me? No,” she said. “I thought somebody reads it and throws it in the trash,” Tucker said.

The letter thanks Tucker for her support and prayers and quotes Romans 5: 4-5.

Tucker said this is not the first time she has written to a president. Some 40 years ago she wrote President Jimmy Carter asking him to look into her husband's military pay. It was adjusted six weeks later.

And 30 years ago her daughter, who was seven at that time, wrote President Ronald Reagan a Happy Easter card. Tucker said the president responded with a hand-written thank you note and later sent a personalized Christmas card to her daughter.

Tucker said she and her family are definitely “president people.”

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