Yale student says university demanded she gain weight

Yale student says university demanded she gain weight (Image 1)

A student at Yale University said she became a “junk-food junkie” after the Ivy League school thought she was too skinny and demanded she gain weight or go on a medical leave.

Twenty-year-old Frances Chan told ABC News she felt forced to eat large portions of food because, according to her, school officials believed she suffered from an eating disorder and needed to gain some weight.

Chan, who is only five feet, two inches tall, weighs around 92 pounds. The college student, however, says she is healthy and does not have an eating disorder.

Chan added that after undergoing a medical check-up in the fall, university officials reportedly threatened to put her on a medical leave if she did not participate in mandatory weekly weigh-ins and medical appointments because they thought her weight was too low.

“While I understand that eating disorders are a huge problem on college campuses and many students with eating disorders are probably in denial, that does not mean that health care providers should automatically assume students of low BMI are anorexic and unhealthy,” Chan told ABC News Monday night via email.

She added, “That also does not mean that they should force students of low BMI to gain weight while threatening them with expulsion.”

Chan said since being told by the school she needs to gain weight, she has been eating carbs and junk food on a daily basis, but she has just gained two pounds.

The college student said she is working with a new doctor who evaluates her by more than just her weight.

Yale has since agreed to let Chan remain enrolled in classes as long as she abides by check-ups each semester.

Yale has not commented on the incident.

*ABC News contributed to this report.

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