Titans Jake Locker agrees it’s make or break season

Titans Jake Locker agrees it's make or break season (Image 1)

With just one year left on his contract, Jake Locker understands this is his last chance he can be a productive and healthy quarterback in the NFL.

The Titans reported for the beginning of their off-season program Monday and Locker said he is ahead of schedule as he recovers from surgery on his right foot. 

He says he can throw some now to receivers and will take part fully on the field in May.

Locker has missed 14 of his 32 games as the Titans starting quarterbacks after a pair of shoulder injuries, a sprained hip, sprained knee and lisfranc injury to his foot. 

The team is not expected to pick up the 2015 option on his contract in May valued at about $13 million.  That means he'll have to play well and stay healthy to earn a new one.

Locker said, “It's probably fair to say that for most guys, this league is so much now what have you done for me lately? I think if you don't have the approach going into each season it's not going to work out the way you want it to.” 

Head coach Ken Whisenhunt has been supportive of Locker in recent weeks and complimentary of his abilities, but he agreed that Locker has to prove it now, “You're paid to play this game.  You have to be productive and you have to play.  I think we all understand that, but certainly at that position you want to have stability.”

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