Paralyzed man overhears doctors talk of donating organs

Paralyzed man overhears doctors talk of donating organs (Image 1)

According to ABC news, a Swedish man who was paralyzed by a massive stroke has filed a complaint against the hospital that cared for him, the Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Göteborg, Sweden.

He claims he could hear doctors discussing whether to donate his organs just before they gave him a sedative that put him under.

Jimi Fritze, 42, said he was unable to alert the medical staff that he was conscious and could hear. He feared he would be unable to save himself as they sedated him.

“I went to sleep … I couldn't be awake. I thought I was going to die then,” Fritze told ABC News.

A spokesperson for the Sahlgrenska University Hospital said in a statement, “We cannot say much. We cooperate with the [Health and Social Care Inspectorate] about this investigation. We take it very seriously, as with all notifications.”

Fritze suddenly collapsed due to a stroke while on vacation with his now ex-girlfriend. Doctors were discouraged by scans taken upon arrival.

As Fritz was in his hospital bed, he said he remembers hearing doctors discuss the possibility of organ donation, although Fritze had not yet been declared brain dead.

According to Fritze, they told his then-girlfriend to get his family and say their goodbyes.

Fritze said doctors even discussed the possibility of organ donation with his family. However, before further steps were taken to remove medical care, another doctor gave a second opinion and found that the swelling in Fritze's brain might be a sign that he could recover. He “woke up” weeks later.
Fritze is still recovering both mobility and speech, and is still unable to walk. “When I woke up the first time I could only move my finger. Now I can move every part of my body. I cannot walk yet,” said Fritze. “That is my wish, is to walk again.”

*ABC News contributed to this report.

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