Ronald McDonald House helps family while girl fights cancer

Ronald McDonald House helps family while girl fights cancer (Image 1)

A McMinnville family is thanking the Ronald McDonald House for helping them when their daughter was diagnosed with cancer.

16-year-old Bryanna Morgan had to undergo treatment for a tumor in her sinus cavity.

Her mother said her daughter also had health problems from the moment she was born.

“From birth she was fighting to survive to live. For the first month she didn't gain any weight.  She was the same size when we went back to the doctor, basically because she was eating enough to keep herself alive, but she was not eating enough to grow,” explained Amanda Ferrell.

Bryanna was born with down syndrome and several holes in her heart. After undergoing 12 hours of heart surgery as a newborn, Bryanna was healthy until she started having sinus trouble a year and a half ago.

Doctors found a three and a half centimeter tumor in Bryanna's sinus cavity, which took six and a half hours to remove.

She was then treated with 18 weeks of chemotherapy and 37 adult radiation treatments.

For more than six weeks, the Ronald McDonald House was a home away from home for the McMinnville family.

“I thank the Lord for places like Ronald McDonald House. We stayed here when she was sick and don't know what we would have done if it hadn't been for them. The people here were so kind and so understanding,” Ferrell said.

Bryanna's cancer is now in remission, and she recently celebrated her sixteenth birthday.

The Ronald McDonald House will hold a telethon to help others like Bryanna Saturday evening from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

News 2 will live stream the event here:

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