Mother finds mistake on son’s TCAP practice test

(Photo: WKRN)
(Photo: WKRN)

A Knox County mother said she found a mistake one her son's practice TCAP test.

Katie Smith was looking over her third grade son's test, which was given to his class in preparation for the TCAP a year ago, when she found an error.

“When I looked at his answer and I looked at the answer right below it, I realized they're the exact same answer. They're just in a different order,” Smith said.

The Knox County school district told 6 News the mistake was immediately reported to Discovery Education Assessment, the vendor that administered the test.

The district also said the test is no longer in circulation.

Smith said she is worried about the added pressures stemming from the importance placed on the TCAP exams on both students and teachers.

She is also concerned that teachers cannot always check for accuracy.

“They don't have time and they shouldn't have to review every single question that they give to these children,” explained Smith.

The Knox County school district said the online assessments for any student who took the practice test with the mistake were corrected.

The district also said the tests are not mandatory and are purely supplemental. It is up to teachers to decide whether to use them.


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