Restrictive cannabis oil bill poised for passage

Restrictive cannabis oil bill poised for passage (Image 1)

A proposed measure would allow children with severe epileptic seizures to be treated with cannabis oil by dropper through the mouth or by a feeding tube.

The children would be part of clinical trials conducted at either Vanderbilt Children's Hospital or East Tennessee Children's Hospital.

Under the bill, Tennessee Tech in Cookeville has agreed to produce the oil for what the two hospitals would need.

Sponsors hope potentially hundreds of kids would be part of the clinical trials.

The bill is also getting some high level help on Tennessee's Capitol Hill.

Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey apparently is on board.

“Anything that is available in oil form, ointment form and if it truly does help people, I am okay with that,” he told reporters Thursday.

The Lt. Governor cautioned that this does not signal a potential gateway to medical marijuana down the road.

The measure is also getting help from a state senator who is also a physician.

Senator Mark Green of Clarksville told a senator committee this week that he “reluctantly took a while to come to this,” but after studying the issue said “benefits are very high…downside is minimal.'

A vote in the Senate could come next week, the House a week later.

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