Mom loses cancer battle 6 weeks after giving birth

Mom loses cancer battle 6 weeks after giving birth (Image 1)

A New York City mother has lost her battle with cancer just weeks after giving birth to her daughter.

Elizabeth Joice, 36, was a few months pregnant when she learned the cancer she had once fought years ago had returned, ABC News reported.

Initially Joice was told she would not be able to have children due to her previous cancer treatment. She and her husband were shocked when they learned they were pregnant.

Upon learning of her diagnosis, Joice was forced to decide whether to terminate her pregnancy or undergo intensive treatment for the cancer.

She ultimately chose to have her daughter.

Doctors were able to partially remove the cancer, non-differentiated sarcoma, but Joice decided against more invasive scanning and treatment that could harm her then unborn baby.

In an interview prior to her untimely death, Joice said, “I would do this [pregnancy] for a living if I could. I really enjoy pregnancy a lot. All the stuff that's been happening has been really cool stuff.”

Joice's daughter, Lily, was born via C-section in late January. During the C-section, her doctor said there were signs the cancer had returned. She immediately began treatment.

“There were tons of tumors,” Dr. Joanne Stone said. “It had spread all over her abdomen.”

Despite the return of the disease, which would ultimately take her life, Joice said, “This is worth it. I would do it all again to have this child.”

Joice passed away March 9.

*ABC News contributed to this report.

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