Tenn. Capitol soon to make room for national motto

Tenn. Capitol soon to make room for national motto (Image 1)

It looks like the national motto is going to get a place at the Tennessee State Capitol.

The bill has been sailing through committees leaving only a few questions.

One is where to place the words of the national motto, “In God We Trust.”

Suggestions have ranged from behind the speaker's podium in both chambers, to a walkway tunnel buried deep below the capitol offices.

The second question concerns grammar.

The bill uses the words “In God we trust” without capitalizing the words “we” or “trust.”   

The national motto on U.S. currency capitalizes all the letters of the motto.

“If it's good enough for U.S. currency, it's good enough for the Tennessee capitol,” House sponsor Rep. Mike Sparks declared to News 2 Thursday. “I haven't heard one person among six million plus Tennesseans find any problem with the bill.”

The State Capitol Commission is designated in the bill as having final say on any question of placement and presumably capitalization.

Sponsors say the cost of placing the national motto at the capitol will be covered by private donations, although Senate sponsor Stacey Campfield told News 2 he hopes some state funds would become available.

The measure is on the calendars for both the full House and Senate next week.

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