Franklin woman embarks on path to end sex trafficking

Franklin woman embarks on path to end sex trafficking (Image 1)

A 21-year-old Franklin woman is embarking on a very different, even potentially dangerous path to stop slavery in the sex trafficking industry.

Autumn Crew is planning to move to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, in an effort to help rescue girls and women trapped in sex trade.

“I'm moving there indefinitely as of now,” she told News 2.

While in Cambodia, Autumn will be volunteering with Daughters of Cambodia, an organization that provides a safe place for rescue victims and prepares them for a new life.

Autumn told News 2 she jumped into the mission field right after finishing high school and that she has been working for a fair trade organization, which is how she connected with Daughters of Cambodia.

“You definitely have to be aware of what you are getting into and be very educated,” she explained.

Despite the distance and the possible dangers, Crew said her parents have been supportive of her decision.

“My parents have been a good balance of being concerned and making sure I know what I am doing and supporting me and being thrilled this is a dream of mine and what I have wanted to do with my life for a long time,” she said.

Crew plans to leave for Cambodia in upcoming months and plans to spend her remaining time raising money.

For more information on Autumn and her missions, visit her Web site or Facebook page.

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