Company raising money to manufacture 3-D food printer

Company raising money to manufacture 3-D food printer (Image 1)

A company based in Barcelona is raising money to manufacture a 3-D printer that makes meals.

The prototype called Foodini, made by Natural Machines, uses 3-D printing technology to produce food using fresh ingredients and is designed for both professional and at-home kitchens, ABC News reported.

It is an effort to promote eating less processed foods by taking on the more difficult parts of preparation.

“Today, too many people eat too much convenience foods, or pre-processed foods, or pre-made meals – many with ingredients that are unidentifiable to the common consumer, versus homemade, healthy foods and snacks,” the company said on its Web site. “But there is the problem of people not having enough time to make homemade foods from scratch. Enter Foodini.”

Owners fill up food capsules with real ingredients and insert them into the printer, taking only a few minutes to prepare.

Pizza, crackers and even burgers are among some of the dishes that the silver appliance can make.

The Foodini will also have access to online recipes and demos as well as a personal recipe box with ability to upload and share personal recipes.

The company is currently raising money through Kickstarter to manufacture the first run of printers.

Natural Machines has raised over $40,000, nearly half of its goal.

People who donate $2,000 or more, move to the front of the Foodini waiting list and could receive one as soon as October.

*ABC News contributed to this story.

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