Mother of blind boy changes attitudes through viral video

Mother of blind boy changes attitudes through viral video (Image 1)

A Woodbury mother is changing the way the world looks at people with disabilities.

Lacey Buchanan's son, Christian, was born with severe facial birth defects.

The 3-year-old is blind and has a rare cleft palate condition.

Doctors told Buchanan when she was pregnant that her child would be born with disabilities if he even survived, which was unlikely.

Christian beat the odds.

The little boy was born, but had no eyes and was unable to shut his mouth.

“We knew he would have birth defects, but we did not know he would be blind,” said Buchanan.

Buchanan told News 2 many people made rude comments about her son when they went out in public. 

She was even told she should have had an abortion, which she says she and her husband never considered.

Buchanan decided to make a video in 2011 documenting her son's life and sharing her experiences as the parent of a child with disabilities.

She never dreamed the video, posted on YouTube, would go viral.

Buchanan told News 2 she no longer looks to see how many times it's been viewed, but at last check it was up to 11 million.

There are only 60 documented cases of Christian's condition worldwide.

He has undergone several surgeries already and will face many more in the future.

This year, the family traveled to California to appear on the show The Doctors to discuss Christian's condition.

Buchanan is touched by the response her video has received.

Christian is now a big brother to younger brother, Chandler, who is 10-months-old.

He loves to sing and play.

In addition to her public speaking work, Buchanan is studying to be an attorney. 

She hopes to one day be an advocate for people with disabilities.

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