New apartment complexes to double Berry Hill’s population

New apartment complexes to double Berry Hill's population (Image 1)

An area city is preparing for its population to nearly double.

Berry Hill, according to the 2010 Census, is home to 537 residents.  But that number could eventually grow to more than 1,000 once two new apartment complexes being built along Franklin Pike are complete.

23Hundred at Berry Hill is a 266-unit apartment complex at the intersection of Franklin Pike and Bradford Avenue.

The Melrose is a mixed-use development just down the street that will offer 220 one and two bedroom apartments.

Berry Hill City Manager Joe Baker told News 2 he believes the appeal of Berry Hill is its convenience.

“You can be downtown in five to 10 minutes.  We are close to Interstate 65 and Interstate 440.  You can be in Green Hills or anywhere else in Nashville very conveniently so that's a big part of it,” said Baker.

City leaders are also in the process of approving site plans for a third apartment complex which would be built on Franklin Pike where the old Jaguar dealership once was.

If that happens, the city's population could nearly triple.

Berry Hill is already preparing for the influx of new residents.

“Since it is apartment complexes, it doesn't necessarily require a whole lot of new services to be provided as far as trash collection and things like that go,” said Baker.

However, the city could have to add more officers to its police department.

“It's something we've thought about.  We're going to kind of take it as it goes and see how it plays out.  We've got very good coverage now. We are extremely well patrolled and have anywhere from two to four officers on patrol at any time for a pretty small area and a pretty small population,” Baker explained.

The entire city of Berry Hill is just shy of a square mile.  The department currently has 13 officers to keep its citizens safe.

Many say it's an exciting time to be in Berry Hill.

“We've seen development moving in our direction and it's arrived,” said Baker.

While the new apartment complexes are still under construction, some of the units are beginning to occupy now.

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