Nashville business padlocked for selling ‘relaxation shots’

Nashville business padlocked for selling 'relaxation shots' (Image 1)

Metro police Thursday morning shutdown and padlocked a Nashville business for allegedly selling liquid relaxation shots containing an illegal chemical to local markets.

During a raid earlier this year, police found bottles of Viva Zen and Mr. Smiley Kratom at Rum Wholesale located at 1305 Dickerson Pike.

The products contain Mitragynine, a psychoactive agent that mirrors the effects of opiates and can also cause hallucinations and delusions.  Mitragynine was outlawed in Tennessee in 2013.

Through an investigation, police also learned Rum Wholesale was supplying the shots to three area markets raided and shutdown last week.

Rum Wholesale owner Mohammad Amer and employee Rabea Aldheleai were arrested following the raids at Market Discount Tobacco and Beer located at 862 Robinson Road, Madison Discount Tobacco and Beer at 1442 Gallatin Pike North and Litton's Corner Market at 2830 Gallatin Pike.

Amer was arrested again on Thursday on a felony tampering with evidence charge for allegedly telling Aldheleai to hide the illegal shots from police.

Amer was also arrested in January for allegedly selling liquid marijuana at his store.

He is due in court on Tuesday when he will ask Judge Steve Dozier to reopen his business.

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