Clarksville mom charged in baby’s death in court

Clarksville mom charged in baby's death in court (Image 1)

A grand jury will hear the case against the Clarksville mother charged in connection to the death of her seven-month-old daughter.

Stefany Johnson appeared Thursday afternoon before a judge who set her bond at $250,000.

Johnson, 24, was arrested March 7 after her daughter Astrid was found unresponsive at the family's Sonja Drive home.

Clarksville police officer Jessica Simms, who was one of the first officers to arrive to the scene after receiving a welfare check call from neighbors because Johnson was acting erratically.  

Simms testified that she spotted Johnson naked outside her home acting rowdy and appeared intoxicated.

She also recalled the moment she and a fellow officer tried to revive the unresponsive baby.

“I saw him checking for a pulse for the baby and then he told me he didn't have any then I checked for a pulse just in case he couldn't feel it, if it was really light and I didn't feel anything either,” said Simms.  

She continued, “I put my ear to her chest I didn't hear anything like moving around inside and that's when we didn't take action as far as the baby was concern.”

Officer Russ Baker also took the stand and said while Johnson was at Getway Hospital after being taken into custody, she said she remembered what happened to her baby girl.

“Ms. Johnson stated that she was holding her in the bath tub and that Jesus came down to her and took [the baby] away,” Officer Russ Baker testified.

Johnson is charged with criminally negligent homicide. Her case was bound to a grand jury.

Astrid's cause of death has not been revealed. Johnson's four-year-old nephew was also inside the home at the time of the infant's death. He has since been placed in foster care.

Johnson has undergone a psychiatric evaluation.

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