Smyrna detective reveals account of deadly police shooting

Smyrna detective reveals account of deadly police shooting (Image 1)

Inside police headquarters Wednesday, Detective Rick Hall shared new information on the man police shot and killed near a West End shopping center after he carjacked a woman and led officers on a lengthy chase throughout the city.

Hall said he was investigating another burglary inside a motorcycle shop, when the suspect, Aaron Dino Smith Jr., rode into the showroom floor on his motorcycle.

Hall said he approached Smith for questioning and when things got uncomfortable, the two decided to take the conversation outside.

That's when Smith pulled out a gun.

“It just led to a foot chase from there. We ran through the store and out the store. There were entrances on the side of the building,” Hall recalled.

The foot chase took Hall onto South Street.

That's were Smith carjacked Deann Goetzinger and tried to run over Detective Rick Hall.

“He didn't want to get caught that day and that's why he was running. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time,” Goetzinger told News 2 on Wednesday.

Ironically, Detective Rick Hall and Deann Goetzinger were childhood friends.

“I am glad I was there for her. I hate that the incident happened, but it was helpful for her to see somebody she knew,” said Hall.

What Smith didn't know was the Goetzinger's recently downloaded an app called “Find My Friends.”

The app helped police track down Smith at the Elliston Place Shopping Center.

Police said Smith was a career criminal and had no regard for the law.

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