Mista Dale’s Mustard Slaw now sold in 15 states

Mista Dale's Mustard Slaw now sold in 15 states (Image 1)

Business is booming for a condiment made in Middle Tennessee.

Mista Dale’s Mustard Slaw is said to be a healthy alternative to mayonnaise-based slaw.

Dale Pillow, the man behind the slaw, started canning his creation in 2009.

In 2011, News 2 featured the specialty food item as part of the Positively Tennessee series.  At that time, only four local Kroger stores stocked Mista Dale’s Mustard Slaw.

Today, 700 stores in 15 states put the slaw on the shelves.

“Business is good,” he said.

Pillow believes part of the secret to his success is all-natural ingredients.

“It has fresh cabbage, fresh green pepper, onion and carrot,” he said. “There are no preservatives. It’s a gluten-free product, no additives.”

The other part of his success, Pillow says, is accountability.  His name and face are on the label, and he runs every in-store demonstration and taste test.

“People seem to like the fact that the guy that’s on that jar is the guy that’s in their stores,” he explained.

Due to demand for Mustard Slaw, Mista Dale’s production has moved to North Carolina, but production decisions and the produce used come from Middle Tennessee

The business is headquartered at Pillow’s home in Franklin, and fresh ingredients are supplied by Taylor Farms in Smyrna.

The increasingly popular condiment comes in original, mild spicy, and jalapeño spices, and is commonly used on hotdogs, hamburgers, and other sandwiches.

Visit Mista Dale’s Web site or Facebook page for recipe ideas or store locations.

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