Traffic light bill slowed down at least temporarily

(Photo: WKRN)

Ever worry about running into an intersection with a green light that suddenly hits yellow? Or a light that turns red while you are still in the intersection?

If so, state lawmakers have a bill for you.

Senate sponsor Frank Niceley told News 2 “there's been some confusion” about the present law.

He said some people are getting tickets when getting stuck in an intersection.

“It will help the poor devil who goes into a green light and has to stop and then when it clears out, it's already turns red, and he gets a ticket,” said Niceley.

The bill states that if a driver cannot safely stop at a yellow light, they may proceed with caution through the intersection.  
Senator Niceley said he heard of some cities like Memphis giving drivers tickets for going into an intersection on green or yellow.

The bill awaits action on the Senate floor, but it has a more uncertain future in the House.

On Tuesday, the bill was not heard as scheduled in this session's final House Transportation Committee.

It means the chair will have to re-open the committee for the bill to be heard, but there is no indication yet that he will do that.

What is your strategy is when seeing the yellow light? Do you think this bill will improve traffic safety? Join the conversation on our Facebook page.

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