Campfield drops fight over UT Sex Week, student fees

Campfield drops fight over UT Sex Week, student fees (Image 1)

Senator Stacey Campfield said Monday he is dropping efforts to put restrictions on student fees at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

The battle began when it came to light student fees were being using to fund the controversial Sex Week at the university.

According to the Knoxville News Sentinel, Sen. Campfield said he was dropping his efforts because school officials have pledged to take steps voluntarily.

In a letter dated Friday from UT President Joe DiPietro to House Speaker Beth Harwell and three other legislators, school administrators “will begin immediately” to address concerns expressed in a resolution condemning UT Sex Week.

“I believe the result of our efforts will be a more transparent student activity fee system that respects the First Amendment right of student organizations to engage in a free and open exchange of ideas but also provides individual students the right not to fund student organization expression that is offensive to their personal beliefs,” the letter states.

DiPietro continues by saying he trusts no further legislative or budgetary action will be taken regarding the matter.

Campfield responded by saying that the opt-out was key to him and is what he wanted all along.

He had created two bills regarding the student fees, one which declared the distribution of student fees to campus organizations must be based proportionately on membership, and another which stated no student fees would go to pay for speakers on campus.

*The Knoxville News Sentinel contributed to this report.

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