Brentwood neighbors oppose new Harley-Davidson dealership

Brentwood neighbors oppose new Harley-Davidson dealership (Image 1)

Brentwood residents are making some noise about a proposed Harley-Davidson dealership that would be built near some homes.

The business is looking to move their Cool Springs location to an area on Mallory Lane, but neighbors don't like the possible change of scenery or new soundtrack.

About 12 residents showed up to the city commission meeting Monday night to argue against the decision to allow the new dealership to be built.

The land, however, is commercially zoned.  It wouldn't be the only auto dealer on Mallory Lane, with Porsche and Audi right down the road.

Neighbors, however, are concerned about the noise motorcycles could bring.

They're also worried since the dealership would host outdoor events, such as bike rallies.

Those opposed to the development of the dealership say those kinds of events should not be authorized by the city since they're so close their homes.

And while Brentwood leaders look at ways to change the city's noise ordinance, residents say enforcing noise pollution should start here.

The Brentwood Planning Department has already approved the site plan for the new dealer, but the outdoor events have not been addressed by the planning commission.

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