Husband pleads guilty to voluntary manslaughter in wife’s death

Husband pleads guilty to voluntary manslaughter in wife's death (Image 1)

A man scheduled to go on trial this week for the murder of his wife more than a decade ago pleaded guilty Monday to a lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter.

Tyrone Tackett was sentenced to five years in jail but will be released on April 15 of this year due to time already served.  After his release he will be on probation for two years.

Tackett was first arrested for solicitation to commit first degree murder in July of 2011.  The charges were later upgraded later that year to first degree murder.  Although Salena Tackett's body has never been found, investigators have said there was evidence to prove she died.

Tyrone Tackett reported his wife missing from their upscale home in Hendersonville on January 31, 2003, just one week after the two married.

He told police his wife had left a day earlier with a large amount of money.

Salena Tackett was just 25 years old when she went missing.

She had two children, including a three-year-old daughter whom Tyrone fathered.

Police say those children were left behind, as well as her car and purse, the day she went missing.

Shortly after his wife's disappearance, Tyrone Tackett sold his Hendersonville home and left Sumner County.

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