Nail salons undergo strict inspections to ensure cleanliness

Nail salons undergo strict inspections to ensure cleanliness (Image 1)

With warm temperatures just around the corner, more and more women will be making trips to their favorite nail salons.

Like restaurants, nail salons are inspected and graded on a regular basis.  Working in a salon, specializing in manicures and pedicures, requires hundreds of training hours.

The state of Tennessee has nearly 900 licensed nail salons, all of which undergo inspection by one of 10 inspectors.

“[Inspectors are going to look for] how things are being sanitized, cleanliness, the make-up of the shop to make sure everyone is licensed and abiding by all the rules and regulations set out by the Board of Cosmetology,” explained Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance. “Just like a health inspector, they receive points based on that inspection report.”

News 2 recently visited the Georgia Career Institute, where students undergo nearly 700 hours of school and testing and earn a license.

“The nail program is a lot more extensive than a lot of people realize.  We teach from sanitation, bacteria to manicures, pedicures, acrylic application,” Georgia Career Institute Director of Nails Kayla Taylor said.

When going to a nail salon, Georgia Career Institute owner Michael Martin said customers should ask the professional questions about their studies.

“Consumers should ask where someone studied and make sure they they're licensed.  Make sure that they understand the implements have been sterilized.  Ask the question,” he explained.

Officials said nail salons should have their inspection scores prominently displayed for customers to see.

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