Stretch of 840 finally appears on Apple maps year after opening

Stretch of 840 finally appears on Apple maps year after opening (Image 1)

After opening more than a year ago to traffic, a stretch of State Route 840 in Williamson County is just now showing up on most iPhone maps.

Officials from the Tennessee Department of Transportation said it is unclear why it took so long for the maps to update on Apple products to include the 17 miles of roadway from Carter's Creek Pike to Interstate 40 in Dickson.

“It is very frustrating,” Spokesperson BJ Doughty said. “One of the goals of 840 was to divert traffic through downtown Nashville, especially trucks and out of state traffic and had they looked at the map on their phones they would not know they could go through on 840.”

Doughty added the mapping issue also affected TDOT's mobile app.

“It uses the map from Apple, so even on our own app that we provide for motorists it was not showing up.”

According to the spokeswoman, the problem with Apple is not only a problem in the state of Tennessee, but also nationally.

“In Europe there is a governing body that provides continuity among all these private GPS and mapping companies. This is not just a Tennessee problem; this is a problem in any state in the nation that builds a new road,” Doughty explained.

Doughty told News 2 TDOT tracks traffic on 840 and is interested to see if the number of vehicles taking the roadway will now increase since the map is now active.  

“I've seen a lot of people lost. In fact, this is where they come when they get lost. 840 just don't show up on cell phones or GPS,” longtime resident David Smith said.

The 17-mile stretch of 840 cost $100 million.

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