Bill would stop drunk drivers from purchasing alcohol

Bill would stop drunk drivers from purchasing alcohol (Image 1)

Should a person be prohibited from purchasing alcohol after a DUI conviction? That would be the case if a new bill, up for discussion by the Senate Transportation and Safety Committee Wednesday, becomes law.

Under the bill, sponsored by Sen. Stacey Campfield, people convicted of DUI would be issued a driver's license that would restrict them from purchasing alcoholic beverages for a certain period of time.

The bill is also expected to include an amendment detailing the conditions of the restricted license.

Under the amendment, a first-time offender would not be able to use the driver's license as proof of age or ID to purchase alcohol for a period of four years.

A second DUI conviction would lead to a lifetime ban for using a driver's license as ID to purchase alcohol.

The amendment says the restrictive licenses for DUI offenders would include in caps the words “NOT VALID AS IDENTIFICATION OR PROOF OF AGE FOR THE PURCHASE OF ALCOHOL OR ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES.”

Sen. Campfield says the bill is a new way to look at an old problem.

Others have concerns about the measure's constitutionality.

“Can you legally prevent someone from drinking?” said one lawmaker.

Reporter Chris Bundgaard is following this story and will have more tonight on News 2 at 6 p.m.

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