Woman blames Davidson County Clerk’s Office for bad car deal

Woman blames Davidson County Clerk's Office for bad car deal (Image 1)

A Dickson County woman is blaming the Davidson County Clerk's Office after the car she bought was repossessed two days after she purchased it.

Amanda Dixon, a mother of three, purchased a 2008 Dodge Avenger Saturday from a Nashville woman for $6,000.  The car was towed away on Monday.

Dixon said she not only lost the money she paid for the car, but $2,600 that was in a purse she left in the backseat.

She called Metro police, who determined that the vehicle was repossessed by the Nashville car lot that still owns the car.

When asked whether she believed the car seller knew the title was not clean, Dixon responded, “Ah, yes sir. I'm positive she knew about it.”

Dixon said the Davidson County Clerk's Office is to blame for not doing their job, saying if she hadn't processed the title the car would never have been repossessed.

In response, Davidson County Clerk Brenda Wynn told News 2, “I believe that we too are victims of the same person who victimized this woman who lost her car. We processed the deal and based on the records, we did what we were supposed to do.”

Wynn went on to say the fault lies with the first woman who sold the car because she knew there were issues with the title.

Metro police are considering felony charges against the car seller.

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