Teen charged with waving gun at Antioch Middle School

Teen charged with waving gun at Antioch Middle School (Image 1)

A teenager is facing charges after he waved a gun outside of a classroom at Antioch Middle School Monday morning.

The gun was an air soft pellet gun, but many of the 28 students in the room thought it was real.

Andy Navarro is a seventh grade student in the class.  While standing next to his father, he told News 2 he did not see the gun, but several other students did.

“Other kids were scared. They were like, 'What if we die? What if he shoots the school?' They were like, 'What should we do? What should we do? Should we hide?'”

When asked if he felt safe, Navarro responded, “No, because he was near us and they should have evacuated us to a safer place instead of just leaving us there where he could have shot the windows with the kids on the other side.”

According to Metro school officials, the school was quickly placed on lock down and police were called.

School Commutation Specialist Joe Bass said the school did exactly what it was supposed to do in this type of situation.

“It was resolved quickly, no one was hurt and, as it turns out, there was no immediate danger. They are all to be commended for their quick action, as are Metro police,” he said.

Bass added that the principal, Canidra C Henderson, E.d.D., took things a step further to reassure parents by doing a school-wide call out to parents explaining what happened.

Officials said 727 of the 770 homes contacted heard the call.  A letter was also sent home to the parents of each child in the classroom.

The 13-year-old with the gun reportedly rode away on a bike, but was caught a short time later.

He has been charged with multiple counts of aggravated assault.

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