City eyes new ride sharing companies Uber, Lyft

City eyes new ride sharing companies Uber, Lyft (Image 1)

The city has its eye on the two latest ride sharing companies to roll into Nashville, Uber and Lyft.

“Many places they are legal, but in Nashville we believe they are going to have to meet some standards to be legal and I believe we are going to be able to work those out,” Billy Fields the Director of Transportation Licensing Commission said.  

He told News 2 they are looking at insurance policies and how the companies do background checks on drivers.

“It's all aimed at public safety, we already require that of other companies and what we are going to do is work them into the process where they are all working under the same level,” Fields explained.  

News 2 spoke with Lyft officials who said they take measures that are stricter than what's required of taxis and limo services.

Fields said the reality is that the services are new and he hopes to work them in fairly.

“We have very good transportation services already in Nashville, they have rules and we expect anybody that comes into town to provide the same services they are going to have rules and regulations as well.”

He added that both companies have been cooperative in working with the commission. Fields hopes to present the new language to the Transportation Licensing Commission next month.

Assuming they agree, the commission will then make a recommendation to the Metropolitan Counsel for an ordinance change.

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