Oregon family held hostage by pet cat, calls 911

Oregon family held hostage by pet cat, calls 911 (Image 1)

A family in Portland, Oregon called 911 after being forced to hide from their angry pet cat.

Lee Palmer and his girlfriend, Teresa Barker, were forced to take refuge in their bedroom when the family cat became aggressive.

The pair resorted to 911 when animal control failed to answer, ABC affiliate KATU reported.

The 22-pound, black and white Himalayan cat named Lux turned violent Sunday when the family's son, Jess, pulled its tail.

The cat then attacked the seven-month-old, causing bruises and scratches to his face.

“I kicked the cat in the rear and it has went off over the edge and we aren't safe around the cat,” Palmer told a 911 dispatcher. “We're trapped in our bedroom and he won't let us out of our door.”

Lux was charging at the bedroom door and hissing.

“The cat, we don't know what to do about the cat. He's trying to attack us. When I leave the bedroom to let the police in, I'm gonna have to fight this cat,” he said.

When officers arrived, they captured the cat and put him in a crate.

Barker does not currently know what she wants to do with Lux.

*ABC affiliate KATU contributed to this story.

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