Lawmaker proposes year-round daylight saving time

Lawmaker proposes year-round daylight saving time (Image 1)

Most of the country will spring forward this weekend, moving clocks up one hour.

However, if a Tennessee lawmaker has his way, it will be for the last time.

Rep. Curry Todd, a Republican lawmaker from Collierville, Tennessee, proposed to a House subcommittee that Tennessee join Hawaii, Arizona and parts of Indiana in rejecting standard time.

States with two time zones are allowed to make the change.

Todd told committee members that his proposal would be better for farmers and for school kids who stand at the bus stop in the dark.

Todd said after doing research, he found that 80% of Tennesseans were in favor of making the switch.

When asked though which time gives children more daylight in the morning, Todd admitted, “I really don't know to tell you the truth.”

In actuality, moving the clock forward an hour means school children will wait for the bus longer in the dark.

The change would cause some time issues for east Tennessee, which is in the Eastern Time Zone.
If Knoxville stays on daylight saving while the rest of the east coast falls back, east Tennessee would be an hour ahead of New York.

HB 1909 made it through the state government sub-committee and will be taken up by the full committee on March 18.

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