Crime rate decreases in Franklin over past 3 years

Crime rate decreases in Franklin over past 3 years (Image 1)

The town of Franklin is bustling these days. Quaint shops and restaurants bring tourists from all over the world for a taste of the community's southern charm.

Born and raised in Williamson County, business owner Amy Zongor said the growth has been fantastic for her store, It's Vintage Baby, located in the Franklin square.

“There is a ton of traffic, a ton of tourism. People from all over the globe come in. People from Australia, people from England,” said Zonger.

In sharp contrast, we have also seen another side that exists in the city.

Surveillance video from a police chase recently made national news.

Authorities tracked down several suspects after they committed a violent Franklin home invasion.

They held a homeowner at gunpoint and tied him up before robbing his home.

Prior to that, there was a rash of burglaries at a Franklin apartment complex.

It might appear that crime is up in the picturesque town, but Franklin police said that's not the case.

“Over the last three years we've managed to increase our clearance rate, and decrease our crime rate,” said Chief David Rahinsky.

Chief Rahinsky said Franklin is one of the safest communities of its size in the nation.

“You can't find a city in the south east, or really nationally, with a population approaching 70,000 people that has become a business hub and a tourism hub that has a lower crime rate,” he continued.

The department said it has been extremely transparent about crime in the area and is relying more on social media to gather tips.

Police said the sixth suspect in the Franklin home invasion and police chase was captured thanks to social media leads.

In addition, Franklin police plan to expand its team. The department will add as many as eight new police to its team of more than 125 officers in the coming year.

Zonger said she feels safe in Franklin and likes the direction the community is headed.

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