Some question Metro’s decision to cancel classes Wednesday

Some question Metro's decision to cancel classes Wednesday (Image 1)

Metro schools are officially out of snow days and the decision to cancel classes for a third day in a row raised questions from some viewers.

Schools' spokesperson Joe Bass told News 2 if they can't insure safe transportation for the kids who ride the bus, they don't go to school.

He said the district has a transportation team that checks roadways that the school buses travel.

“They give those trouble spots to public works so they can get salt trucks and sand trucks out there and it's pretty effective, but then they have some areas that are not able to be reached and they have other areas where things will melt but then run off and refreeze as it gets cold overnight and we run into slick spots again,” Bass explained.

He continued, “Davidson County is really big and there are parts of it that are pretty rural, very residential and most of all have extremely shaded streets.  [It] makes ice difficult to melt.”

While it may look fine outside of your window, that's not the case everywhere and Bass says they can't open individual schools.

“We make the decisions county wide and not area by area. Firstly because it's in the states attendance manual,” he said.

Wednesday's snow day will have to be made up by students at the end of the year.
Classes resume Thursday.

The MNPS Project Expo at Trevecca has been moved to next Thursday.

Some students will not take the rescheduled ACT Thursday after all.  Visit for complete details.

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