Frigid winter has some school districts running out of snow days

Frigid winter has some school districts running out of snow days (Image 1)

School districts are running out of snow days due to the unusually frigid winter this year including Clarksville-Montgomery County schools.  The district was closed Monday and Tuesday and will be again on Wednesday.

Six-year-old Mara Watson of Clarksville is a student in the district.

She has been home for the past four days and, on Tuesday, she found she will be at home for at least one more.

“I miss playing in the playground and being a great learner,” she said.

Watson attends Barksdale Elementary, but she can't get there because it is like an ice skating rink right outside her house.

That is exactly why Clarksville-Montgomery County School District officials decided to cancel classes.

Watson's 18-year-old brother has been cooped up at home, too.  He goes to Clarksville High School.

“I think it's good for all the days off,” he said.

But their father Mark doesn't feel the same.

“It's three days they are not learning anything, so it's three days of education days lost,” said Mr. Watson.

Andrew Pitt, a spokesman with the school district, said they are doing the best they can to deal with the cold winter.

He said the district has three “snow” days built into the school year.  So far, the district used up seven, one of which was already made up when students had to report to class on President's Day, a day they typically have off.

Pitt says now district officials are trying to figure out how to make up for the other three.

“There is no plan as we know of right now. They will take this plan, when they have it, to the board. I guarantee the kids will be taught well just like we expect every day,” he explained.

“I am ready to go back to school,” said Mara.

School officials say they expect a warm up on Wednesday, so they are hoping they will be able to reopen schools sometime this week.

They will present their plan to the school board when they know exactly how many days need to be made up.

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