Student faces charges after vicious attack on classmate

Student faces charges after vicious attack on classmate (Image 1)

After terrifying video of a vicious attack on a Mid-State high school student surfaces, the victim's mother said she complained to school officials about her daughter being bullied for nearly a year, but the father of the accused said she too was a victim.

In a scene that easily resembles an MMA match-up, a violent fight erupts in the halls of Houston County High School, about 70 miles west of Nashville last Tuesday.

“When she first hit me, I felt my teeth move back,” said sophomore Elysa Khun.  

Her mother Elizabeth Boughter added, “It was so vicious that her two front teeth were pushed to the roof of her mouth.”

The video, shot by another student on his cell phone and eventually posted online, captured a 15-year-old sophomore beating 16-year-old Elysa Khun relentlessly.

“It makes me angry,” said Khun.

Bougher, who is also a Houston County Sheriff's Deputy, said she went to school officials numerous times complaining about her daughter being bullied by several girls, including the girl in the video.  

She claims her concerns were not handled and now is frustrated her daughter has to endure thousands of dollars' worth of dental work.

“From what I understand, the female student that assaulted my child got 10 days of alternative school. Ten days. She needs to be expelled,” said Bougher.

News 2 spoke with the father of the teen charged with aggravated assault for charging at Kuhn.

“The day of the fight, she text me and said the girl was bothering her,” said father Tony Shelton said.

Shelton said his daughter was in the wrong for attacking her classmate and he hopes the two can one day make amends.

“Fighting is not the answer,” said Shelton.

Khun said she hopes others will learn about the importance of speaking out against bullying.

“Bullying may be just a little bullying, but you should always take it to higher concern,” Khun.    

In a statement that read in part Houston County school officials said, “Houston County Schools have policies that address bullying and use of cells phones.  When an incident occurs that involves one or both of these policy issues the school administration follows both policy and administrative procedures.  Inappropriate behaviors that take place are immediately handled by school staff…”
Shelton said his daughter's court date is set for next month and she is currently taking anger management classes. 

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