Store’s beer permit revoked after selling to high school students

Store's beer permit revoked after selling to high school students (Image 1)

A beer and tobacco store police caught on hidden camera selling beer to minors is now out of business following a Metro Beer Permit Board hearing where the business owner's beer permit was revoked.

News 2 broke the story on a “speak easy” format at the Stop & Shop Tobacco and Beer store on White Bridge Road in November.

Police captured the store's owner selling beer to multiple teens. During their investigation students from Father Ryan High School, Ensworth High School and Montgomery Bell Academy were implicated.

Metro police and the Davidson County District Attorney's office later padlocked the building and had a judge declare it a public nuisance.

The store was allowed to reopen under specific court orders, including not selling beer for 90 days.

Naguib also agreed to forfeit all of the beer seized during the raid, forfeit nearly $200 found at the store and pay the required fees for destroying the seized beer.

The Stop and Shop Tobacco and Beer store was unable to sell beer for 90 days.

The agreement also made the store a public nuisance which would have allowed Metro police to shut down the business again if they are in violation of any other law in the future.

The Metro beer permit board held a hearing Wednesday night and at that hearing revoked the beer permit for the store's owner Amen Naguib for at least a year.

Store owner Naguib, was at the hearing, but when News 2 went to the business they found the store empty and a for lease sign posted.

Neighboring business owners told News 2 the store closed about six weeks ago.

The Nashville Prevention Partnership works closely with Metro-Nashville Police's Youth Services division to combat underage drinking.

The organization was watching the Stop and Shop store for several weeks, but it was unable to successfully crack the code for the store until a Father Ryan High School parent who caught their child with beer gave them the information they needed.

“This is a good sign,” Executive Director DeWayne Holeman said. “It lets me know our city is very serious about the offense of selling alcohol to minors.”

Holeman said since the Stop and Shop operation more parents have come forward to tip them off to other stores and businesses selling alcohol to minors.

“For far too long parents and members of the community turned a blind eye because they didn't think anybody was doing anything,” Holeman said. “Now that this has happened we understand, the community understands, parents understand and schools understand that there are people who have their back.”

Naguib still faces criminal charges.

He is charged with three counts of selling beer to minors, resisting arrest, assault on an officer, drug possession and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Naguib is free on $17,000 bond.

A clerk also working in the store Wael Timothawes was cited for selling beer to minors.

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