Proposed law pushes for animal abuse registry

Proposed law pushes for animal abuse registry (Image 1)

It happens every 60 seconds, someone abuses an animal.  

Earlier this month, two Chihuahuas were found in a vacant house in Nashville covered in blue plumbers ‘glue, which had hardened in their fur.  

“Luckily [the glue,] it's not toxic. If it had been toxic, I don't know if they would had lived or not,” said Billy Biggs of Metro Animal Services. “Whoever did it needs to be caught.”

The two small dogs are expected to recover and will placed up for adoption in the future.

Those responsible could face animal cruelty charges and if a proposed Tennessee law becomes a reality, they could be forced to register as an animal abuser.  

Tennessee lawmakers are pushing for a bill to track those convicted of abusing animals, just like they track sex offenders.  

House Bill 2007 establishes an animal abuser registry through the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.  Those convicted of aggravated cruelty to animals, felony animal fighting, or bestiality would have to register like other offender registries in Tennessee.

Representative Darren Jernigan is leading the charge for the proposed bill.

“The TBI is going to put in on the Web site and it's going to say, this is what the crime was, this is the picture of the person who did it.  They're on it for two years. If they are a repeat offender, they go to five years,” Jernigan explained.

The bill is making early progress with a senate sponsor and funding.  It could be on the books by July 1st.

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