Bridgestone Arena begins recycling cigarette butts

Bridgestone Arena begins recycling cigarette butts (Image 1)

Bridgestone Arena has become among the first venues in the country to collect and recycle used cigarette butts.

The effort is through a partnership with the Nashville Clean Water Project.

“The participation of the Nashville Predators and Bridgestone Arena shows exceptional community leadership,” Mark Thien, Executive Director of the Nashville Clean Water Project said in a news release. “We hope organizations throughout the country will follow their lead and join our no-cost program.”

Following their collection, cigarette butts in the TerraCycle program are recycled into various products, with most being turned into plastic pallets for industrial usage.

The cigarette butts are collected from outside the arena on sidewalks and in the plaza areas before being sent to a plant in New Jersey for recycling.

“We're proud of our building and our community, and we are taking this opportunity to set an example in Music City and show how simple it can be to help reduce litter and maintain clean water,” Chris Parker, Nashville Predators Executive Vice President, said in a news release. “Bridgestone Arena's participation in this project continues to support our mission to be at the forefront of the industry and be the ‘No. 1 sports and entertainment venue in the United States.'”

Since collection began in mid-December, the arena has collected approximately 30,000 cigarette butts, weighing nearly 30 pounds.

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