Joelton dog recovers after nearly freezing to death

Joelton dog recovers after nearly freezing to death (Image 1)

A Joelton dog that nearly froze to death last month is continuing to show improvements with the help of two wheels.

Neighbors rescued Maggie on January 4 after they found the 10-year-old lab practically frozen to death in a driveway.

Residents quickly wrapped her in a blanket and took her inside with the help of a wheel barrow before calling Metro Animal Control.

Metro Animal Control officers told Nashville's News 2 the canine was in poor condition and was possible being starved.

Officers said Maggie's owner claimed she was sick and was dying of cancer which is why she was allegedly so neglected.

“He made it out to me that he already knew that she was going to die,” Animal Control Officer Richard Pickern said. 

Now six weeks later, Maggie has gained weight and gets around with the use of a doggie wheelchair that helps stabilize her back legs which remain weak from her near death experience. 

Animal control officials said they also do not believe she suffers from cancer.

“She's full of energy,” Rebecca Morris with animal control said. “You can see that. You can tell that from the 16 pounds she has put on.”

Animal control is working with rescue partners and animal sanctuaries to help Maggie find a new forever home. 

“She loves life and we want her to live out her days in a loving place where she can have tons of treats and hugs because she deserves it,” Morris said.

Maggie's case will be presented to the Davidson County district attorney. Her former owner could face possible animal abuse charges.

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