Comcast promises EAS alert glitch fixed

(Photo: WKRN)

Comcast said a platform upgrade for Middle Tennessee, that is near completion, will fix a system error that caused cable boxes to be stuck on C-SPAN after the emergency alert system is activated. 

The EAS activates when severe weathers sparks warnings and watches in a viewing area. The system is also used to alert viewers to Amber Alerts.

After the message plays on television screens, the cable box is supposed to return the viewer to whatever channel they were watching before the alert was sent to viewers.

At least twice in the past year televisions have been stuck on C-SPAN for several minutes after the message is played.

“They say they have fixed the problem,” Comcast customer Paige Foster said. “If they have fixed the problem why does it keep happening?”

Foster's television has been stuck on C-SPAN following an EAS alert multiple times.

Comcast Vice President of Public Relations for Comcast's Big South Region Alex Horwitz said the cable provider did a platform upgrade that will prevent the EAS error from happening. 

“The EAS error will not happen,” Horwitz said by phone.

Foster said she hopes not, because having accurate storm information is a public safety issue.

“Several years ago there was rotation over my house and Lisa [Patton] said if you live on this street take cover and we did,” Foster said. “Fortunately we didn't have a touchdown.”

She continued, “One of these days, hopefully not, someone is going to get hurt because they don't have the right information from a local weather person.”

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