Woman jailed without bond 2 decades after writing bad check

Woman jailed without bond 2 decades after writing bad check (Image 1)

A woman arrested more than two decades after committing a crime was put behind bars without bond Tuesday night.

According to court records, Marsha Hinton wrote a bad check in 1987 at the age of 31.

She was convicted and part of her sentence was to routinely check in with a probation officer.

Court records, however, show Hinton stopped reporting to her probation officer in December 1991.

The now 53-year-old grandmother was taken into custody last week by the Department of Correction at her Springfield home.  She was jailed without bond due to a signed probation violation stemming from 1992.

The violation of probation warrant, signed by Judge Ann Lacy Johns on March 12, 1992, states the defendant is to be held without bond.

Hinton's family told News 2 that despite having trouble with the law in the past, including arrests for shoplifting in 2007, 2008 and 2012, she is a church-going woman.

“We all make mistakes,” her longtime fiance Michael Walker said. “[It's] odd, 23 years later [she's arrested]. She is a good person, a good soul. I miss her very much. I talked to her today and she is very upset.”

Despite being arrested multiple times since the probation warrant, no red flags were raised at the Department of Correction.

“Because she was arrested on a new charge, the old probation violation warrant was put into effect,” explained the Communications Director at the Department of Correction, Dorinda Carter.

Her worthless check charge is considered a misdemeanor, though the
violation of probation is a felony, which has no statute of limitations.

Hinton faced a new judge Wednesday who released her that afternoon.

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