Smyrna mom wants sign posted for blind daughter

Smyrna mom wants sign posted for blind daughter (Image 1)

A Smyrna mom wants a “Blind Child at Play” sign posted near her home, warning drivers to watch out for her child, who is visually impaired.

But, despite her request, she says city leaders refuse to put up a sign where she lives.

Carla Curley's four-year-old daughter, Jocelyn, is blind in her left eye and has poor peripheral vision in her right eye, making it difficult to see cars when she is playing outside.

While her parents don't leave her outside unattended, her mom says they would like the sign posted as a precaution to let others know to go slow and watch out for their daughter.

Curley first contacted Smyrna officials about the sign on Tuesday when an employee told her the city wouldn't put one up because it is “too much of a liability,” according to Curley.  

The mother then spoke to the city attorney who she says told her the sign would be “a distraction to drivers.”

Frustrated, she contacted News 2.

“I feel like it's a reasonable accommodation. I'm not asking for lights that flash. I'm just asking for a sign to be placed in our neighborhood so that anyone that's coming around will know to take extra precaution.  Not only is there a child but there's a blind child here playing,” said Curley.

Curley and her family recently moved to Smyrna from La Vergne where city leaders did post a “Blind Child at Play” sign near her former home.

News 2 reached out to city leaders in Smyrna who responded through a statement that said in part, “Information shows such signage doesn't change the behavior of reckless drivers and creates a false sense of security for parents that can lead to even further danger to children.”

Curley says she is “outraged” and is looking into buying a sign to put in her yard.

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