Vanderbilt’s Josephs makes unusual national network debut

Vanderbilt's Josephs makes unusual national network debut (Image 1)

Every athlete hopes to one day make national highlights. For Vanderbilt sophomore Carter Josephs, it happened Saturday night, but not the way he expected.

With just over: 08 left in overtime against Texas A&M, Josephs drew an offensive foul from Jamal Jones that left him bleeding on the ground. The footage of Josephs' injury made the rounds on national sports networks.

“A lot of people saw it and texted me and asked me if I was alright,” Josephs said Monday. “They were just laughing that it happened to me and the way it happened.”

Josephs left the court with a gash below his right eyebrow that required four stitches.  Luke Kornet went to the line in place of Josephs and was able to make it a two possession game in favor of Vanderbilt. That proved to be the security the Commodores needed for the win.

It wasn't the ending Josephs would have originally planned to help his team win, but he will take it.

“I don't think anyone really dreams of getting knocked out in the final minute,” hey says. “But, you know, anyway I can contribute is great and that's all I wanted to do.”

Josephs expects to be ready to play when the Commodores face Missouri on Wednesday.

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