North Dakota man finds long-lost sister at Walmart

North Dakota man finds long-lost sister at Walmart (Image 1)

A North Dakota man was stunned when he learned that a friendly Walmart employee turned out to be his long lost sister.

John Maixner, who was given up for adoption as an infant, told ABC News he started searching for his birth family so he could obtain medical information.

During his search, he discovered the friendly Walmart employee he had waved to for years, Buddine Bullinger, was his sister.

“My mouth just fell open,” he said. “We exchanged phone numbers and went to Perkins and had coffee and got to know each other.”
Since beginning his search for his birth family, Maxiner has been reunited with his brother and three sisters.

All of the siblings were placed up for adoption by their mother more than 50 years ago.

Their birth mother has since passed away.  

Maxiner said in just a matter of weeks he not only gained four siblings, but at least 10 nieces and nephews too.

“I gained a huge family,” he said proudly.

Maxiner said he talks with his newfound siblings every few days. He said he recently celebrated his 50th birthday with his brother and sisters.

*ABC News contributed to this report.

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