Man jailed after threatening ER hospital staff

Man jailed after threatening ER hospital staff (Image 1)

A man remains jailed after he allegedly threatened emergency room staffers with a knife last month.

Calvin Dodson was arrested on January 31 following the incident which occurred inside St. Thomas West's emergency department.

Police said Dodson, 60, was in the ER when he got out of his bed, got dressed and walked down the hallway with a razor blade or a knife.

According to police affidavits, when doctors and nurses approached Dodson he began waving the knife at staff members.

Hospital staff was eventually able to get Dodson back to his room where he got another knife and began waving it, stating he was going to cut or stab them if they got in his way.

Staff members said hospital security was called, but did not immediately respond because they were on other parts of the hospital's campus. Another staff member called 911 to report the incident.

When police arrived to the scene, security had responded to the call and Dodson was handcuffed.

No injuries were reported, but the incident has since raised many issues and questions after several staff members said they felt threatened.

Multiple sources told Nashville's News 2 there are not any metal detectors at the Emergency Room entrance.

News 2 has also learned that beginning Monday, the few St. Thomas hospital security officers who do carry guns will no longer be authorized to do so anymore.

“We have a staff of 12 security officers covering our two Nashville campuses. The majority of our officers were not armed and we have now made our weapon policy consistent for all officers.  It is our belief that incidences, such as the one you've inquired about, are best handled by Metro police,” hospital spokesperson Rebecca Climer said.

She added the safety and security of the hospital's patients and staff is a top priority.  

“Our Emergency Department physicians and nurses do remarkable work in particularly challenging and stressful environments.  Their ultimate concern is the care of all patients and we are grateful for their response in this situation,” Climer said.

By comparison, Vanderbilt University Medical Center has armed police officers who are stationed in the Emergency Room, as well as metal detectors.

Dodson remains jailed on a $40,000 bond.

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