Mysterious blinking lights appear over Hermitage area

Mysterious blinking lights appear over Hermitage area (Image 1)

Something appeared in the northwest sky over the Hermitage area last week, and then disappeared as quickly as it came.

One man scrambled to take some cell phone video of what looked like blinking, bouncing red lights around 8 p.m. on February 6.  

He showed News 2 the video, but did not want his name released.

Dolores Fitzgerald, however, did not mind telling us what she saw at exactly the same time in the same area of Nashville.

“They were kind of coming up at an angle, and they would just come up, go over and disappear,” she told News 2. “They came from the northwest.”

Dolores said she first saw the mysterious lights driving home on Interstate 40 east from downtown with a friend, but wanted a better look so they pulled over for a clearer view along Andrew Jackson Parkway.

“To be honest with you, I was just fascinated by them, and just watching them,” she told News 2. “Then they were gone.”

While the man who took the video captured some of blinking lights, a caller to 911 said she saw more than a dozen of them.

The recording released to News 2 indicates the female caller said she saw the images while also driving on Andrew Jackson Parkway.

“I see all those lights following one another,” the caller told the 911 Center. “There were more than 12. I counted and they were just going, blinking a little.”  

To find out more about what was in the sky that night, News 2 called places like the National Guard, the Federal Aviation Administration, the Nashville International Airport and even the Adventure Science Museum.

None of them had any answers about some mysterious lights over Hermitage last week.

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