La Vergne teen charged after setting off explosive

La Vergne teen charged after setting off explosive (Image 1)

The grandmother of a Rutherford County teen charged with making a homemade bomb and detonating it said she did not know about the explosion until La Vergne police knocked on her door looking for him.

Barbara Wooten's grandson, Jonathan Brody Wooten, was arrested after police found him hiding within the insulation of her attic.

“He said, ‘I am not here' and then he went upstairs,” she said. “I didn't know that anything until the police were all over my yard and in my house.”

Kathy Tyson, a spokeswoman for the city of La Vergne, said Wooten learned how to make the device by watching a clip on YouTube.

It was set off near the intersection of Lake Forest Drive and Bill Stewart Boulevard.  No one was injured.

La Vergne police reported finding a second explosive device during their search. Police notified the ATF to have agents neutralize the explosive.

Wooten, 18, is charged with possession of prohibited weapons and felony reckless endangerment because a four year old child was present when the homemade bomb exploded.

The child was not injured.

“He doesn't think there are any consequences afterward,” Barbara Wooten said. “But he is going to find out that there is.”

She continued, “He told his daddy he was sorry.”

Wooten, who uses an oxygen tank, found out the explosives could have destroyed her home and several others if they were detonated near her oxygen tank.

Christopher Moseley told News 2 he is a close friend of Jonathan Wooten.  He was not present when the device exploded.

“I saw all the police down here when I was driving by and I got worried about it because I saw the tape up,” he said. “I was really scared because I didn't know what had happened or if he had hurt himself.”

Moseley said Wooten has a good heart, but needs to have a better sense of responsibility, especially when children are around him.

“With a four-year-old being around, you never know what could happen.” He said. “What if shrapnel was to fly and hit a little kid from one of them bombs? It is bad enough you are putting yourself in danger by making a bomb but to put a child in danger, that is just not smart.”

Wooten was booked into the Rutherford County Jail on $4,500 bond.

He is also being held on an outstanding misdemeanor probation violation warrant.

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